Hole 13 - Par 4

  • Black - 413
  • Blue - 359
  • White - 303
  • Red - 276

A slightly uphill hole which usually plays directly into the prevailing wind. Bunkers line the right side of the fairway and water comes into play on the approach shot. This hole has some of the most spectacular views on the golf course. A look back from the green to the tee offers a view of Laurel and Bloody Mountains. A well struck fairway wood will carry to the 150 stakes. The wind blows left to right and into your face on this hole. The woods to the right gobble up errant fades. Consider a hidden water hazard to the short right of the green as you play your approach. The green is two tiered, two clubs deep. The wind will punish all but the purest of approach shots forcing them short and to the right.

Men's HC 6 Ladies' HC 12